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Julie Shrive

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Location:Crouch Hill, London, United Kingdom
Website:my space Julie Shrive utube9773165 Crunch the Call Centre - Squidoo
About artist:I am a retired teacher who has recently 2003 completed BA [ Camberwell] & MA [ Middx ] Visual Arts in sculpture, photography and video. I was born in Kingswood Surrey in 1946 .
I likeLouise Nevellson , Joseph Cornell, Schwitters , Naum Gabo,Bechers. My interests are Deco, Arts and Crafts, the Urban , the rustic, architecture, jewellery and the ethnic arts and textiles - the environment , topical and political as can be seen on my space Julie Shrive .
About art:My Work conceptually concerns age, identity & how one is viewed by state as one grows older “I am rapidly becoming a spectre ” Roland Barthes .
This links to painting\'s Impression and abstraction and history of the early moving image narrative It concerns the blurring the boundaries between fine art and design through the conceptual process and, the fact that I \'sit on the cusp\'. My ideas are linked through culture and materials. Modern music is the conceptual and cross references my ideas regarding the arts and music interrelating.
I believe art can be the found object, moment and situation.
My philosophy towards the found and constructed moment, object and structure is crucial to how I think, devise and operate: to educate subliminally , that is socially , not just in the finished piece, but in the process.
Abstraction, design and colour are fundamental to my work. I enjoy constructing with photography both within the composition and with the arrangement of the finished piece.
The transition from interior to exterior relates to my educational and creative life and ideas.
By examining my ethical concerns through my artistic and creative projects I hope I may educate others. The transition is found in my situation and position in life and the changing definition of who I am and how I am viewed by society.