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Saadia Wasim

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Location:Toronto, Canada
About artist:Our world, the creation of ‘the Artist‘, not only reflects the sense of beauty and balance, but also conceals a message of peace and harmony for everyone living in it. .
Being a Science student and a Science teacher, I have always been impressed and stimulated by the colors and styles of this living world. Luckily belonging to a family, where people are “born to draw’, I’ve been involved in the creative work through out my life. This inspiration , finally, drove me into an Art graduation , when I came to Canada, which helped me look through this window more vividly. Now I am practicing and polishing my skills ,through trial and error.I've participated in some exhibitions and competitions.
Currently,I'm working as a freelance portrait artist.
About art:I‘m more inclined towards versitility. I am trying to interpret my vision into my own style and work on a specific theme (yet to come), just like I use to express my feelings in my own words through my writings .It's a tribute to the Creator,in a sense.
It keeps connected this marvelously huge world to the little mystery, inside me!!!


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