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Annie Aurand-Mayes

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Location:Seneca Falls, NY, United States
About artist:

I have been an artist since I picked up that first crayon and drew on my bedroom wall. It's not something I've chosen to be, it's just what I am. I sold my first commissioned portrait at 12 yrs of age. Art has provided me with both a living and a haven where I can disappear since that time.

I am primarily self taught. The internet has been wonderful for artists such as myself: it enables us to learn more about technique, media, and so much more that we would not be exposed to any other way.

I am just beginning to work again after taking a 9 year hiatus due to our daughter being diagnosed with leukemia in March 2001 at age 14; she fought it until November 27, 2005.

Now, after 4 years, I am feeling the muse return. I know Caitlin would want me to work again as she watched me from the time she was a little girl. She loved how a painting would come to life from a blank sheet of paper.

My work is in private collections in Canada, the UK, Ireland and here in the States. I have done portraiture work for LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY.

I am available for commissioned portraits or paintings of people, animals, landscapes or whatever. Please allow 1 month for completion of work. I request 1/2 payment at time of commission and 1/2 before finished painting is sent to you. I will email you a copy of the finished painting so you can be certain it meets with your expectations. Colors can be changed, additional subjects can be added etc if I know at the beginning.

I have worked from snapshots that the client thought were worthless but loved. Please e-mail me for rates.

About art:

I love the map of the human face. I do portraits of people, animals and buildings, trying to capture the 'thing', the essence that makes each an individual.

I enjoy side trips into fantasy art. Much of my work centers around the mother/child theme. It was never intentional, but I cannot seem to escape it.

My preferred media are colored pencils, watercolor and ink. I often use my colored pencils on slate, which makes them buttery and behave much differently than on paper.

Much of my work displayed here is sold, but I hope to get more uploaded soon. I am available for commissioned works. While a better photo makes for an easier job for me, I have worked with snapshots that were wonderful due to the expression captured.