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Hendrik Arie Baartman

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Location:Wietmarschen-Lohne, Niedersachsen, Germany
About artist:The era of bloodless showrooms, where the Happening "vernissage" glaring outshone any art, is finally coming to an end. "The gallery obsolete because, first, to the opening of each already looking only at the other guests and his art is all the same and no matter, because, secondly, whether the new, still growing art collection noise to no more visitors will", Karl Heinz Schmid in Art Newspaper (May 2006) on the "discontinued model gallery" set.Greetings to: julie karabenick
About art:Hendrik’s Art Statement 2008
My artistic expression is my way of vomiting the mental debris that accumulates in my conscious and my subconscious. My work springs forth from my subconscious.