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Battini Matic Blagoje

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Location:Trieste, TS, Italy
About artist:Born in Belgrade, SRB 1970. From early age I showed interest in art. Studying in Belgrade, SRB and Bologna, IT.

My other artistic creations: Bijoux, jewelry, necklaces, handbags.

About art:Here you can find Paintings and Beautiful Works of Art for Your Home and Office.

This artworks are an Original OIL Painting by Matic Blagoje- Battini.

Every Battini artwork is result of long painting process. All the paintings are hand-made 100%. This is a unique original paintings, hand-made with brushes and palette knife - not any kind of mechanical or computerized copy (print, canvas transfer, serigraphy, etc.).!

Here are several techniques but each artwork reflects sentiment, passion, sensitivity, soul. Painting brings different colors and emotions. Express harmony and spirit.

It’s UNIQUE and Original!

Battini never makes mechanical reproduction on his works. Every painting exists in ONLY ONE INSTANCE. Imagine being an owner of an artwork that nobody else has!

Here is a true opportunity to own an ORIGINAL OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING you should not overlook. You are buying directly from the artist, and therefore the price you pay does not include gallery, dealer and distributor fees! Canvases are mounted on wooden bars (stretched). The sides are painted in black, so the frame is not required. Because this Ready-to-Hang artwork can be displayed immediately, it makes an exceptional gift!