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Steven P Robinson

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Location:Rockford, Illinois, United States
About artist:Native of western Massachusetts, spent my 1st quarter century there and in Vermont where I went to military college. Married my college sweetheart and followed her around the country for awhile when she was an officer in the USAF and I was a sergeant in the USAF Reserves. I have done lots and lots of little bits over the years; arts, crafts, technical, scientific, philosophical, whimsical...reading, writing, cooking and brewing being the main pursuits these days. Currently I am staff to my wife, 2 cats Teia and Hildie, and the store where I earn my keep. I am Asatru, a way of living founded on the beliefs and worldview of my Northern European forbears.
About art:I look for interesting images and then manipulate them to find the abstraction hiding within...some of these images have inspired poems (which is the other art form I practice).

If you like any image, I can arrange to make a print (InkJet on Canvas) for $15 plus postage, all files are originally 300 dpi and either 8 x 8 or 8 x 10.