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Lovers Sculpture- Tantric Love

Form of Art: Sculpture

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Reese, Rochman: Lovers Sculpture- Tantric Love

Artist:Reese, Rochman   (Send an e-mail to Rochman Reese)
Description:This passionate sculpture symbolises the highest ideals of a loving relationship.

This is the first sculpture in my "Story of Love" series, in which each sculpture represents a different stage and focus point in a loving relationship.

‘Tantric Love’ represents that wonderful first stage in a relationship where everything around you is full of passion, energy and intensity. It's a visit to an amazing place where two people become so absorbed in each other that nothing else matters.

In this intimate pose, the lovers are totally absorbed in each other in their passionate embrace.

'Tantric Love" makes a wonderful romantic gift for weddings, anniversaries, engagements or any special occasion.

This is one of those truly special artworks which looks wonderful in a bedroom setting and really helps to create a peaceful and loving atmosphere of love and intimacy. Many people have told me they like to set up candles and flowers around their sculpture as a way of making a special altar to love.

Form of Art:Sculpture
Size:14 x 10 x10 cm

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