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February 28, 2014::

Art-3000 site upgrade

To improve site responsiveness, we are planing to upgrade Art-3000 server on Friday, February 28 at 11PM EST. During upgrade the site will be shutdown for an hour. We apologize for the inconvenience.

March 9, 2013:

Art-3000 support stuff is leaving for vacation for one week, starting March 10. All support activities, including approval of submitted calls for artists and providing support by e-mail, will be resumed on March 17.

December 22, 2012::

We wish Happy Holidays to all artists and website visitors!

In related news, Art-3000 team is leaving for vacation for one week, and will be back on December 28. During the week we won't be able to provide user support. We will respond to e-mails as soon as we get back.

March 5, 2011:

We've made a few improvements to the "Messages" page. Contact messages from the Inbox folder can be "Saved" now, i.e. moved into new "Saved" folder. They can also be "Deleted", that is moved into "Deleted" folder. Messages in the "Deleted" folder will be automatically wiped out after certain time interval (1 week), but you can remove then immediately if you "Delete" them one more time.

January 20, 2011:

Art Gallery members can now view all contact messages, sent to them, on a new "Messages" page in the member area. We hope that the new page will alleviate concerns, that the messages could be lost due to changed or incorrect e-mail address, mail server downtime, and other reasons. Eventually we will add the ability to delete the messages.

December 4, 2009:

Art-3000 gallery has moved to new server today. As a result of this move the art gallery should be faster now. It's possible that very small number of uploaded pictures was lost during the move. If you uploaded any pictures on Friday, December 4th, from 7pm to 8:30pm EST, and you don't see uploaded pictures now, please upload them again. We apologize for this problem.

November 29, 2009:

Artists now can replace pictures of previously uploaded artworks, while keeping intact all other artwork details, such as name, description, gallery, and so on. This feature works only the "Edit individual public/private picture" page.

November 8, 2009:

We now limit the number of contact messages sent by the same person within 24-hour time interval. This change should significantly reduce the number of spam and fraud messages, received by our artists.

November 5, 2009:

FRAUD ALERT! Please ignore the message "GOOD-MORNING" from LISA <lisapalm@live.co.uk> - it's an advance-fee scam.

October 31, 2009:

FRAUD ALERT! Please ignore the message "ARTWORK ENQUIRY" from carlos morgan <carlosmorgan16@yahoo.com> or jerry morgan <privatetrade30@yahoo.com> - it's a scam. Contact feature will be re-designed in the next few days to prevent sending of large number of spam and/or fraud messages.

October 20, 2009:

FRAUD ALERT! Please ignore the message "ARTWORK ENQUIRY" from james - it's a scam. The message starts as "Hello, Im Mr james and I'm so delighted to keep you aware that i have found your artworks at (http://art-3000.com) very Interesting to purchase.".

September 23, 2009:

FRAUD ALERT! Please ignore the message from carlos or JERRY that starts as "Hello Artist. I am so excited that I came across your work on internet search,I am interested in purchasing some creative artworks from you let me know their various prices.and how much discounts are you going to give? ". It's a scam.

August 30, 2009:

You can see now more than 6 latest members and more than 25 latest uploaded images on New Artists and New Artworks pages respectively. Use "Next" links on these pages to see older members or images.

August 17, 2009:

Art-3000 support person is leaving for vacation and will return next Monday, August 24th. All submitted calls for artists will be approved, and all e-mails will be answered as soon as he returns.

April 20, 2009:

We've made a few changes related to how Call for Entries / Call for Artists information is posted and displayed on the site:
  • We added Postmarked / Received flag to Post Call for Artists page.
  • Registered users, who posted calls for artists in the past, can now see them on the main member area page.
  • Call for Artists archive page now displays expired events in the same format as the main Call for Entries / Artists page.

April 17, 2009:

FRAUD ALERT! If you received a message from Raymond titled "Artwork Enquiry..." please ignore it. This message was sent to 50 or so artists before we blocked the sender.

April 11, 2009:

We've made changes that should make the most commonly used art gallery pages - front page, artist and picture pages, members main page, etc - respond faster, and, as a result, make the whole site work faster. Please contact us if you notice any new and strange problems with the site.

April 1, 2009:

Tomorrow, April 2, Art-3000 team is leaving for 6 day vacation. During that time we will have very limited access to internet. We will respond to e-mails and approve calls for artists submissions as soon as we get back.

Feb 21, 2009:

We've made a few tweaks to the gallery:
  • Search artists / picture page now searches for exact string (if the search string is enclosed into double quotes) or match all words in the string in any order.
  • Multiple registrations with the same e-mail address are no longer allowed.
  • We added "Make public", "Make private" and "Delete" buttons to the "Edit picture" page.
  • Added "View all Artist's Artworks" link on artists' main pages.

Dec 24, 2008:

We've made two improvements to the Call For Entries / Call for Artists page:
  • Mailing address, awards, eligibility information and other details of all calls for artists can be hidden.
  • All calls for artists can be filtered out depending on whether they have entry fees and/or commission, or not.
That was the last update for this year. Starting from tomorrow, Art-3000 team is leaving for vacation and will return only in January. All submitted calls for artists will be approved and all e-mails will be answered when we return from the vacation.
We wish Happy Holidays to all artists and website visitors!

Dec 13, 2008:

Anybody can now submit their own Call for Artists / Call for Entries. Submissions are free and do not require registration. Of course, registered user can also post Calls for Artists, and, what's more, their submissions are posted immediately and don't need to be approved, and registered users can edit their submitted Calls for Artists later.

Sep 15, 2008:

"Pictures" page in member area was redesigned. The page can now be used to edit full details (name, description, art, style, etc) of up to 50 pictures at once. We also added "Favorite" flag for images. You may set this flag for all your artworks that you prefer to display on the Art-3000 front page and other site pages which display randomly selected images.

Aug 24, 2008:

In addition to the home page, we now feature artists on different browse pages, for example, browse abstract art, browse impressionism and others. This increases artists' chances to be featured - if not on the home page, then at least on browse pages.

May 21, 2008:

Artists page can display now a list of artists from certain country and/or artists that have art-works of certain form of art, style, genre or media.

May 11, 2008:

We broke art styles into three different categories: art form (painting, sculpture, etc), art style (realism, abstract, etc) and art genre (landscape, portrait, etc). All pages, including search and browse pages, were modified to support new categories.

Mar 16, 2008:

A few minor features were added to the site:
  • Artists can now display their photo on the artist's main page.
  • City and State fields were added to personal information.
  • It is now possible not to display random images on the artist's main page.

Mar 9, 2008:

Registered users now have access to image views report page. This page shows how many times each active picture has been viewed this month. Please note that our report shows actual image views, and not page views! This results in more accurate, albeit lower, view counts.

Mar 1, 2008:

You can now view artworks of featured and new artists directly on your iGoogle home page:

Feb 26, 2008:

Artists can now change the order of pictures in any online gallery and/or the order of all pictures.

Feb 17, 2008:

This week's new site features:
  • "Featured Artists" column on the home page was renamed to "Random Artists", and we added real "Featured Artist" section that displays 4 random works of the same artist for 12 hours.
  • We enabled image protection for all high-resolution pictures. This feature can be disabled in member area.
  • It is now possible to browse all artworks by media.
  • Browse by style and media page displays all pictures in random order, thus giving everybody equal chance to be displayed on the first browse page. This order changes every 9-10 hours.
  • We now have RSS feeds for new pictures artists and new artworks.
  • Search by picture of the search page can be limited by style and media.

Feb 10, 2008:

We've made two small changes to our gallery:
  • You can set custom URL alias for any of your galleries. This works only if you specified URL alias for your artist page.
  • Artist pages allow visitors to browse artist's works by media type. "Browse by media" links won't be displayed if all artworks either don't have media type specified, or have the same one media type set.

Feb 5, 2008:

Registered users can now create up to 10 galleries. These galleries are convenient when you want to group artworks that are in some way related to each other. For example, you may want to create galleries for your early artworks, your favorites, etc. It is not yet possible to re-arrange the artworks within galleries - we're planning to add this feature by the end of February.

Feb 3, 2008:

We updated design of the front page and changed site color scheme. Now all pages have dark gray background, which, in our opinion, improves visual appearance of the gallery and artworks. Later this week we're planning another site update - registered users will be able to create multiple galleries.

Feb 1, 2008:

You can now specify URL alias for your account in member area. This option allows you to change your artist URL from "http://www.art-3000.com/artist/?id=<your_id>" to more professionally looking "http://www.art-3000.com/artist/Your_name/". Please see this page for more information.

Jan 28, 2008:

Since we don't have much space on the home page to display many new artworks, we added new pages just to promote new artworks, as well as to promote the art of new members of Art-3000 gallery.

Jan 23, 2008:

We added Search page to the site. By default this page can look for artist or picture name, or you can opt for deeper search, which will look inside "About artist" and "About Art" text when you search for artists, or inside of picture descriptions when you look for pictures.

Jan 20, 2008:

Registered users now can use this page to request their username or temporary password to be e-mailed to them. We also fixed a rarely occurring problem with the login page where under certain conditions the page won't accept valid username and password.

Jan 13, 2008:

All artists pages and picture pages now have a special link that allows site visitors to contact the artists. If desired, this feature can be turned off in member area.

Jan 12, 2008:

We added "Browse by style" pages. You can browse all paintings or photos, or, if you want, you can browse by specific painting or photo style. Unfortunately, not all art-works have styles specified, so we wanted to ask all registered artists to update styles for their pictures.

Dec 18, 2007:

All previously posted Call for Artists entries are now available on the Call for Artists archive page.

Nov 14, 2007:

We've made more changes to the site:
  • Artists can now switch to viewing and editing of their private (stored) pictures directly from their main artist page.
  • It is now possible to change picture title and public/private status of the picture from the picture page.
  • The layout of the "Edit picture" page was changed. As a result editing of picture information is now easier and can be done faster.
  • Member area now includes links to "Edit public picture" and "Edit private (stored) picture" pages.

Nov 04, 2007:

Artists can now specify style, media and year for their pictures. To do this please login as a member, go to your artist page and click on a picture you want to edit. Click on the "Edit" link in the top-right corner of the image page, and you'll be able to select style and media, as well as specify the year. Also, after you go to the "Edit" mode you will stay in this mode when you click on the "First", "Prev", "Next" and "Last" navigation links on the image page.

Sep 22, 2007:

We added new features to the site:
  • You can delete pictures. Pictures will be marked as "deleted" for one week. If you do not un-delete the pictures in one week then they will be physically removed from the site.
  • You can specify description, size and price for your art-works. To do this login as a member and go to any of your pictures. You'll see "Edit" link in the top-right corner of the page. Click on it, and the page will allow you to change picture description, size and price.
  • Most of the site was translated to Russian language. You can switch between English and Russian versions of the site using pull-down menu in the top-right corner of any page.

Sep 11, 2007:

We're planning to add new features to the site in the next few weeks. It will be possible to delete pictures. Artists will be able to specify more information about themselves and their pictures. We will also offer Russian version of the site. We hope that having multi-lingual site will help us to attract more artists from other countries and make the site more interesting.

March, 2007:

The biggest news is that our art gallery is finally online. While the gallery doesn't have many features right now, we're planning to add new features in the near future. Our goal is to make Art-3000 unique - make it a free community of artists, and not just another gallery site that sells artist pictures.